26th October 2018 7:30pm

Strand Arts Centre
152-154 Holywood Rd, Belfast BT4 1NY

Tickets: £6 – £8 (coming soon)

Once upon a time two imaginary friends Daisy and Dina find another imaginary friend – Mortimerelf. They discover that he is lost in their land, being unable to return to his owner. With their help Mortimerelf begins a journey to find his owner, Pat. On his way he will face many obstacles and meet those who wish to prevent him from returning home. Nightmare, the queen of underworld is determined to banish Mortimerelf once and for all, knowing what he is capable of, as our main protagonist possesses a great gift, which can vanquish all evil. There is no way back. Mortimerelf has to find Pat as he spent too much time waiting in his own tree house.

Mortimerelf: Grzegorz Adamek

Daisy: Julia Nowak
Dina: Malwina Nawojczyk
Pat: Magdalena Janik
Trickster: Monika Łada
Nightmare: Joanna Tarasewicz
Narrator: Julia Nowak
Script and directing / Scenariusz i reżyseria: Grzegorz Adamek
Choreography / Choreografia: Magdalena Janik
Music / Muzyka: Julia Nowak, Przemek Straus
Theatrical make-up / Charakteryzacja: Róża Lewicka
Scenography & costumes / Scenografia i kostiumy: Beata Knapik
Tech, photo, video / Oprawa techniczna, fotografia, filmowanie: Łukasz Ludziejewski
Manager and promotion / Organizacja i promocja: Andrea Dymus, AD Media&Events