Cartoons Day – O!PLA (POLISH ONLY)

  • 22nd September POLISH ONLY
    Polish Saturday Schools and Organisations in Northern Ireland
    Polskie Szkoły Sobotnie i Organizacje w Irlandii Północnej

    Free Entry

Cartoons Day – O!PLA (POLISH ONLY)

22nd September – 10am-12pm
Polish Saturday Schools and Organisations in Northern Ireland

Free event

O!PLA 2018 – almost 22.000 Jury members, almost 90. festival venues located between Baltic Sea and Tatra Mountains, more than 100. shorts divided into 8 competition categories – these numbers briefly outline the specifics of the most unique and completely grassroots biggest Polish celebration of animated film. Now O!PLA is back with a new program entraining viewers from around the world into the newest and the coolest Polish animation (O!PLA means “Oh! Polish Animation”, but also: “Oh! People Love Animation”). And traditionally the program is created by “the biggest Jury in the world” – Audience. Starting of 2013 O!PLA consequently grows in strength, but one thing remains constant – independence and passion, which standing behind the O!PLA. Polish Cultural Week will show some of the best animated short films.

  • Agi Bagi: The Great Noise (2014, 11′), Tomek Niedźwiedź, Badi Badi

  • Baltic Song (2016, 3’38”), Magdalena Pilecka | Timbretone

  • Bardou – Two Wolfs (2017, 3’), Anna Chrzanowska, UAP

  • Dino Or Something: “make A Friend”, Magdalena Pilecka

  • The Fourth (2016, 1’30”), Agnieszka Janik, UMCS

  • Hitchhikers (2018, 03’20”), Rafal Blecharz, Studio Pigeon

  • Box & Ball: The Flag (2015, 4’26”), Tomek Niedźwiedź, Badi Badi

  • Dino Or Something: “halloween”, Magdalena Pilecka

  • Squares (2016, 3’46”), Magdalena Budzyńska, PJATK

  • Monstrous Dentist (2017, 03’23”), Ilona Rybak, Pjatk

  • Mousetrap (2016, 4’20”), Alicja Kraft, PJATK

  • Dino Or Something: “ready, Steady, Go”, Magdalena Pilecka

  • Pants And Iron (2018, 1’20”), Julia Orlik, PWSTVIT

  • Casparade: According to Plan (2016, 7′), Kamil Polak, Human Ark