Confessions of an Immigrant – Peadar de Burca

Confessions of an Immigrant – Peadar de Burca
Stand Up Comedy (in English)

23 September 2018 17:00-19:00

Black Box – Green Room
18-22 Hill Street
Belfast BT1 2LA

Tickets: £11 online – £10 at the door


Since 2009, De Burca has been absent from Galway, relocating to Poland where he has been raising a family with his wife Wanda. “I moved here in 2010. When my eldest daughter, Lily, was born I decided to settle here. I had been going back and forth before that between Poland and Ireland, doing shows and so on. Lily looks very Irish whereas her younger sister, Malina, looks like her mother’s side of the family. Wanda was in college and it was left to me to raise them; I was the stay at home dad. I also had to try and find a way to bring money into the household. It was tricky; what most people here in my situation do is teach English as a foreign language. I couldn’t do that because I’m just not a teacher. So I did what I was used to and started doing bits of comedy and writing. It wasn’t a great plan as there are very few English speakers here! Then I also started doing a regular column for the newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza.”

“My stand-up is an honest account of what it’s like to move to a different country and try to survive. I poke fun at myself and my inability to learn Polish. I think it is one of the hardest languages in the world to learn. It was bad because I couldn’t contribute to the working household in terms of filling out forms and all that sort of stuff. When I’d go for a hair cut Wanda would have to write me a note to show to the barber. In other ways it was good I didn’t know the language because I’d get myself into weird or ridiculous situations or misunderstandings which I’d then write about in my weekly column for the paper.”

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