Gift a Book campaign

The aim of the “Gift a Book” campaign is to enrich the collections of local libraries with interesting new books in Polish. Polish bookshelves are already in most libraries in Northern Ireland, but their collections are poor and have not been enriched for years. Among the Poles there are many book lovers, and not everyone has the opportunity to buy books from Poland or from Polish bookshops in the UK on a regular basis. Therefore, Nasz Express decided to intervene in this matter.

The project will be implemented in three ways:

1. READERS: Readers can donate books for libraries. There will be a space called the Window of Book Life, which will be designated in various places in Northern Ireland, where you will be able to leave books already read. Remember – a read book lives longer!

2. SPONSORS: We will constantly search for sponsors of new books and buy newer and classic items and assign them to libraries.

3. AUTHORITIES: An action promoting the demand for Polish books will be implemented to persuade libraries to buy new Polish books themselves.

The GIFT A BOOK campaign will be initiated during the Polish Cultural Week 2018 and will continue throughout Northern Ireland. We will regularly provide libraries with books acquired through the campaign every month. We will inform you about it in our Express and on social media. The plan is also to develop the action on other fields, but let’s start from the beginning!

Just one released book from your own collection is enough. The books provided will serve other readers. Because a read book lives longer!