The Fern Flower – Polish Legends in Papercuts by Beata Knapik

The Fern Flower – Polish Legends in Papercuts by Beata Knapik

25th-30th September 2018

Opening Night: 
25th September – 19:00

28th September – 18:00
29th September – 14:00

Crescent Arts Centre
2-4 University Road
Belfast BT7 1NH

Free event

Presentation of the illuminated installation of the legendary fern flower and dozens of original works by Beata Knapik. The works are made in the Polish technique of cut-outs and inspired by selected Polish legends. The exhibition is accompanied by workshops on making lanterns – paper flowers of ferns. The legendary fern flower is a unique and rare to find. Its finder is supposed to be provided with wealth and abundance. According to the legend, this flower can be found only at night, in a great, dark forest. Thus, the legend itself refers to the dreams of every human being, the dreams of changing their fate. Therefore all emigrants are in vain as seekers of the legendary fern flower, people who dared to leave the well-known world behind them, experienced the process of change as a result of going beyond their own comfort zone. Facing their fears and loss, they went to the unknown to find their happiness. Currently, Polish community is one of the most numerous ethnic groups in United Kingdom, which, combined with the local community, creates an interesting mosaic of interpenetrating traditions and beliefs, enriching the culture of both countries.

Beata Knapik – artist – designer, workshop tutor, producer of exhibitions, events and fashion shows

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Initiator and coordinator of collective design exhibitions as well as her individual exhibitions and numerous unique fashion shows. Glass design and factory forms specialist. She uses various artistic techniques and knowledge of many craft techniques. Beata Knapik’s works have been repeatedly published in Polish interior and women’s magazines, exhibited in art galleries and acquired for private colections worldwide.

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